A Day at Preschool

Our day begins at 8:30 a.m. in RSM or 9:00 a.m. in MV. Each teacher greets all their children and a health inspection occurs during this time. Children come into their class where their first “circle time” begins. They sing songs, have story time, and talk about things they might want to try that day. Teachers introduce activities and the children are allowed to choose what they wish to do.  Teachers will interfere with the children’s play as little as possible.   Sometimes children may engage in dramatic play and “become” storekeepers in dress up clothes. They may play with dolls, have tea parties, sweep the floor or iron the clothes; or they may become carpenters, fire fighters, or engineers and use blocks, cars, trains and trucks.  They may ride trikes, climb on the equipment or swing on the swings. Our large sand area becomes roads and construction sites.  Children may choose to feed or pet our school animals in our barnyard.  They might choose to plant in our garden and water the plants. A grandpa might stop by and do carpentry with everyone. There are also quiet activities from which to choose. Puzzles, beads to string, counting blocks, play dough and a wide variety of books are available.

Each class comes together mid-session for snack time. After the children eat and clean their area, they go on to many other activities. They may include our motor development program, chapel time, or a science experiment. 

At all times the teachers are on hand to assist, rather than interfere.  The children are encouraged to share, to take turns and to solve their problems through talking to each other about what is bothering them, rather than striking or pushing.  If a child becomes unable to continue in his play with others, he/she is removed from the situation and led to another activity, or asked to do something for the teacher.  He/she may have to sit quietly with a teacher and look at a book or work on a puzzle until he is ready to return to the group.  The teachers will make available creative materials such as easel painting, finger painting, clay and wood working material for the children who wish to use them.  They will encourage the children to use the materials in their own way.  Teachers will not stress techniques nor press for a finished product.

At the end of the day, all the classes engage in a circle time which might include a story, share-time or maybe a language activity where they might discuss different things they experienced that day!


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