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Path for Prayer and Meditation.

The Rancho Santa Margarita labyrinth was completed in the fall of 2010 (see more on Building of Our Labyrinth). The purpose of the labyrinth is to provide a place of prayer and meditation here in the heart of South Orange County, the "hub" of busyness and 60 hour work weeks. It is one of just a few labyrinths in the county. It is open, weather permitting, 365 days a year, sunrise to sunset, at no cost.


Labyrinths have been in existence for over 4,000 years and used for spiritual growth, healing and renewal. Some believe that during times of cultural unrest instead of traveling to the Holy Land, Christians walked the labyrinth as a symbolic pilgrimage to the Holy Land. In today's busy world, the labyrinth gives us a simple ritual that connects us to our own journey of life & faith. And, like every journey, the journey of the labyrinth is affected by what you bring to it.

There are a variety of ways the Labyrinth can be used, but there is no wrong way to walk a Labyrinth. Move at your own pace and take whatever time you need. For every walk bring your attention (be mindful), make an intention (if you can't think of one try, "I am a pilgrim seeking...), shed your expectations, and choose an approach. Then, just let it unfold.


Questions to ask yourself before you begin: Why am I doing this labyrinth walk? What is my intention for this time? How am I feeling before I begin? Can I let myself go, and really sink into the experience--if not, why not?

Ideas for Your Walk

• Set your intention but, don't set an expectation. This may seem like a subtle distinction but.... An intention is, "My intention is to be open to hear God's guidance.," An expectation is, "I want an answer to my question as I walk today."

• Pray for yourself on the way in, stop to experience God's love in the center, and pray for others on the way out (or vice versa).

• Recite the Lord's Prayer as you walk.

• Recite one scripture text in, a second in the center, and a third on the way out. Ideas include:

• Use a word to center you as you walk, ideas include: peace, hope, love, faith, trust.

• Use this three-fold guide

After Your Walk

Take time after your walk to write or think more about your experience. Bring a journal with you so you can record any insights. Even if you feel "nothing happened" there may be something that God is starting to reveal to you. Take time to reflect on your walk.